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Plant medicine

for health and harmony,  


Julie Wood | Medical Herbalist Shaftesbury, Dorset

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Welcome to Wild Healing Garden

Wild Healing Garden offers plant-based remedies for health and harmony.

I'm Julie Wood, a Medical Herbalist with over 18 years of experience. I provide a range of services including herbal consultations, plant spirit healing, workshops and educational resources. The power of nature heals body, mind and spirit.

Herbs are our natural traditional medicine and they can restore health and well-being.


I am a qualified Medical Herbalist (BSc; MNIMH), trained to prescribe and prepare safe and effective herbal remedies using plants with medicinal actions specifically to meet your individual needs.

Plant spirit healing works at deeper levels with our spirit, also healing our mind, emotions, and physical bodies.

It pushes out that which you no longer need in a spiritual and energetic way, making room for healing and new spiritual growth deep inside you. We find we can become our whole selves again, living to our full potential.

I love to talk about the plants and share my joy of learning about plant medicine. I hope to re-connect you with their diverse qualities, and to inspire you to try making herbal remedies for yourself.


I offer variously themed workshops covering different aspects of plant healing, and also bespoke days tailor made for you.

Come and Meet Me!

At Shaftesbury Abbey Rooms, for herbal chats, consultations and mini talks.
Wild Healing Garden - 11-122.png
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No upcoming events at the moment

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