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Herbal Meeting Space 

Plant Healing at the Shaftesbury Abbey


Alternate Wednesday afternoons, 2nd /4th weeks monthly

Appointments between 2pm to 5pm

Herbs were grown and used for healing the sick by the nuns at Shaftesbury Abbey for over 600 years. Again, in this sacred space, I am so thrilled to be offering healing herbs once again to the wider Shaftesbury community. Just one change - today’s herbal medicine is backed up by research, tried and tested.

Learn more hover over my 3 consultation offers below

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Mini Consultations

£25 for a 30 min session

  • Find out more about herbal medicine, the science, the art, how it works

  • Explore your health concerns and whether herbs could help

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Herbal Consultations 

£65 for a 60 min session

includes post-consultation research, prescribing and dispensing bespoke herbal remedies for you.  Herbal remedy costs available on request.

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Mini Talks and Gatherings

I’m excited to offer themed talks, to be held for anyone interested to come along.

Topics include:

  • Safe and Natural Remedies for Mums and Baby/Infants, also Women’s Health

  • Family First Aid

  • Everyday Herbs for Health

Check for information on my website. Do let me know if there’s any topic you’d like to hear more about!

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Learn about my Herbal Medicine

Herbs are our natural traditional medicine and they can restore health and well-being.  I am a qualified Medical Herbalist and am trained to prepare and dispense safe and effective herbal remedies, specifically to meet your individual needs. Herbal medicine is based on knowledge from traditional use reinforced today by scientific knowledge and research.

Herbalists don’t simply address the symptoms. We also focus on the root causes of your illness for deeper resolution and healing.

It’s best to meet in person for our first consultation, but a zoom consultation is also possible. On your first visit you can expect the consultation to last up to 90 minutes. Your medical history is recorded. Blood pressure and pulse are taken and further physical examination may be required. Treatment can include tinctures, teas, capsules, tablets, creams or lotions and general advice may be given on lifestyle and diet. A follow up consultation is recommended after two or three weeks. Patients are encouraged to contact me if they have any concerns or queries at any time. Total confidence is assured. 

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