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Plant Spirit Healing

‘Become the whole person you can be, discover life’s richness and joy…’

Plant Spirit healing, a gift from the plants for all the people … to bring us back into balance, to help us become our whole selves, to reach our full potential.

Plant spirit healing works at the deep level of our spirit through energy balancing, cleansing and clearing personal energy space, to help heal our mind, emotions, and physical bodies. It helps us to heal ourselves, to heal old wounds, illness and disease. It pushes out that which you no longer need in a spiritual and energetic way, making room for healing and new spiritual growth deep inside you.

We are already in deep relationship with all plants growing on our beautiful planet. We breathe in the plant’s out breath, their ‘green breath’. Many of us are now opening up to deeper connection with the plants. They are sentient spiritual beings and can communicate with us through meditative and simple shamanic practices.

I have been training with inspirational teachers: Eliot Cowan, Alison Gayek, Stephen Harrod Buhner and Pam Montgomery over many years. I am a qualified and registered Plant Spirit Medicine healer and am now offering Plant Spirit healing for clients.

I also offer workshops and courses to teach others how to open to this truly wondrous gift from the plants

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“I hadn’t felt myself for months….tired, lacking enthusiasm, sparkle gone. One amazing session with Julie and I was back whole again! Julie is a wise, beautiful lady who is so in tune with her plants and nature.”

Roisin Munn

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